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Use SignVideo to contact us using BSL

You can now contact us using British Sign Language (BSL) through SignVideo, which connects you with a qualified and registered interpreter, who will interpret the conversation through to one of our advisors

How do I start using SignVideo?

SignVideo is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and supported on the following operating systems:

  • iOS devices (8 or upwards), many Android devices (4.4 upwards), PC (i3 or above) or Mac with a webcam
  • IE 9-11 or Firefox (for Windows), Safari for Mac
  • Bandwidth of at least 256 kbp/s upload and download (384 kbp/s recommended)

The first time you use SignVideo you’ll be asked to install technology called a plug-in on your computer. It will help with the video quality and make sure your calls are secure.

You only need to do this once. If you’d like to learn about SignVideo in BSL, here’s a helpful sign language video:

Sign Video

How does it work?

Clicking on the SignVideo logo will take you to a new window, where you’ll be connected by secure video link to a fully qualified and registered SignVideo interpreter. Let them know you want to speak to Kia Finance.

Please make sure you have any details you might need before connecting to this service. You’ll need details of your finance agreement to identify yourself to us and it’ll help you get through to the right person quickly.

Things to be aware of:

This service is available for all account servicing, and we’ll be able to help with many of your day to day queries and transactions. Remember, please be cautious with your account details. The interpreter will help deal with your request in a safe and secure way. Your video call is relayed in real time using secure technology, however we may record the voice conversation between your interpreter and Kia Finance for quality and monitoring purposes.

For troubleshooting or technical guidance about SignVideo, please contact

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